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Trials Frontier

by RedLynx/Ubisoft

Complement your qualitative research with our surveys

PlaytestCloud lets you run surveys with players from nearly any target audience. Our surveys give you insights into everything from icon choices, over understanding target markets to exploring new game concepts.

Send surveys to a huge panel of real gamers

Gamer panel

Run surveys with players from nearly any target audience. Demographics for each respondent are always included.

Send surveys to your players after playtesting

Follow-up surveys

Run follow-up surveys with players who have tested your games on PlaytestCloud in the past.

Fast survey turnaround - results overnight

Results overnight

Depending on the number of responses your results will be there even faster.

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  • Choose your target audience from our gamer panel
  • Set up your survey online or together with us
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Test your app store assets with surveys

Find the best app icon and store screenshots

Test background stories with surveys

Test background stories with players of your game

Discover new game ideas with surveys

Discover new game ideas

Lots of survey options for all your survey needs

Lots of survey options

Our survey system is built for the needs of game studios.

  • Many question types
    Open ended questions, single- and multiple-choice, ratings, scales, with or without images, and more.
  • Complex surveys
    For surveys involving complex questions like card sorting we are integrated with enterprise-class survey software.
  • Results you can work with
    Download survey responses as Excel or CSV. All exports include detailed demographics for each respondent.
Make solid, data-driven decisions

Data-driven decisions in any phase

Whether you're exploring new product directions or have specific questions about which art style resonates most with your target audience, our surveys will get you the answers.

  • Identifying target audiences
  • Concept testing
  • Art styles and characters
  • Marketing material
Test with real players

We have the players

All our testers are gamers. Pick the kind of players you want and we will send them your survey.

  • Every type of gamer, from casual to hardcore
  • Target by games, genres, and demographics
  • Players are from the US, UK, Canada

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