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Record the first-time player experience.
per player
  • 24-48 hour turnaround

  • 5-15+ minutes of gameplay: $49 per player

  • 30+ minutes of gameplay: $79 per player

  • 60+ minutes of gameplay: $99 per player

  • Survey of 10 questions included



Record the player experience in the first 2-5 gameplay sessions.
per study
  • 2-3 days turnaround

  • 2-5 sessions of gameplay (15-60+ minutes each)

  • Survey of 10 questions included



Record the first 2-10 days of gameplay.
per study
  • 2-10 days of gameplay (15-60+ minutes each)

  • 3-14 days turnaround

  • Daily and final survey of 10 questions included

Concept testing

Concept testing

Record player opinions on artwork, story, design and UI.
per player
  • 24-48 hours turnaround

  • Present your concept in up to 30 slides

  • Each slide can have an image and a prompt for the players

  • Support for JPG, PNG and (animated) GIF



Send written surveys to mobile gamers.
per response
  • 24-48 hour turnaround

  • Up to 20 questions: $9 per response

  • 21+ questions: $13.50 per response

  • PDF & Excel export

  • On request: Integration with your own survey tool

Bring Your Own Players

Bring Your Own Players

Playtest with players you provide yourself
per month

Plus – 150 recordings/month – $299/month
Single-session playtests, concept tests, free-form tests and surveys included

Pro – 500 recordings/month – $599/month
All playtesting types included
Customized playtest setups available

Studio – Contact Us
Customized subscription plan for your individual needs

Included in all playtests:

  • Gamer target audiences

  • Players from US, UK and Canada

  • Screen recording with touches

  • Players speaking their thoughts as they play

  • Unlimited video hosting

  • Professional video analysis tools

  • No code changes required

  • iOS, Android and mobile browser games

  • Works with unreleased games

  • Confidentiality

Available add-ons:

  • Specifically target only US or only Canadian players: $10/player extra

  • Ask more than 10 survey questions: $10/player extra

  • AI-based video transcripts: $10/player

  • Target only the latest mobile devices: 50% extra charge

  • Multiplayer playtesting (all players must play at the same time): 25% extra charge

  • Target kids (players younger than 16 years): 125% extra charge

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Custom Projects

We run even the most complex testing scenarios for you using our flexible playtesting platform.

Need an expert?

Need an expert?

We work with well-known games user researchers to help you set up and run your projects in an optimal way. Pricing will vary based on the scope of your project.

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We can make you an individual offer after discussing the details of your project

Money-back guarantee

If you’re not 100% happy with the results you get, we’ll refund you for each player recording that did not match your expectations.

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We support all major credit cards. Customers within the European Union can also wire transfer the money via SEPA.

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