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PlaytestCloud is your one-stop solution for playtesting mobile games during prototyping, development, soft launch, and after release.

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How it works:

  • Set up your playtest in less than 5 minutes.
  • We let the right target audience test your game.
  • Watch and listen to videos of players playing your game.
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$9€7.91 0.18

Make data-driven decisions with our gamer-focused surveys.

  • Written surveys
  • Gamers as target audience


$49€43.09 1

Improve your game's first-time player experience.

  • First-time player experience
  • 5-60+ minute videos


$900€791.41 18.36

Keep players coming back by optimizing your early gameplay.

  • Ideal at any stage
  • 2-5 sessions per player
Longitudinal Studies


$1,020€896.89 20.76

Improve your players' long-term fun and retention.

  • Reduce churn
  • Test 3-10 days of gameplay

Custom Projects

We can run even the most complex testing scenarios for you using our flexible playtesting platform.


Need an expert?

We work with well-known games user researchers to help you set up and run your projects in an optimal way. Our experts can take your user research to the next level.

Test with real players

We have the players

All of our testers are gamers. Pick the kind of players you want and we will show you how they play your game.

  • Every type of gamer, from casual to hardcore
  • Target by games, genres, and demographics
  • Players play at home on their own devices
  • Players are from the US, UK, and Canada
Watch and listen to people playing your games

Watch the whole experience

PlaytestCloud will capture the whole gameplay experience, turning you into a spectator with super powers.

  • All gameplay is video recorded
  • See where players touch the screen
  • Players think aloud while they play
PlaytestCloud supports you in all stages of game development

Works in all stages

PlaytestCloud has products for every stage of development. From your first idea, to the weekly updates after launch, we‘ve got you covered.

  • Test ideas and early prototypes
  • Playtest iteratively during development
  • Understand player reactions during soft-launch
  • Test new features after global launch

No coding required

With PlaytestCloud you can playtest any game build, be it on iOS, Android, in the browser, or on Facebook — you don’t need to change your code. Our technology safely distributes your build and deactivates it after the playtest.

Record players without any code changes

No coding required

PlaytestCloud automatically adds video recording capabilities to your game. It works with all game engines.

Automatic distribution for iOS and Android


Upload any build. No custom code-signing, provisioning, or Apple Enterprise certificate required.

Playtest confidential games

Built-in security

We remotely disable all game builds after your playtest has been completed so that your in-development game stays safe.

More features

Playtest multiplayer games

Multiplayer Testing

Test synchronous multiplayer games within a specific time window and async multiplayer games with many short sessions. Learn more

Playtest game prototypes

Prototype testing

Test mood boards, music, and rough prototypes on mobile & desktop. We also support Marvel, Invision, and

Ask follow-up questions after playtesting

Player questions

Ask players questions after their playtest to get an even deeper understanding of how they perceive your game.

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