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Star Trek Timelines

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Use PlaytestCloud for your custom playtesting setups

Bring Your Own Players enables you to use PlaytestCloud’s proven infrastructure and recording software for playtesting with your own players. Instead of relying on PlaytestClouds player panel, you can add anybody to your playtest via their email address.

How it works:

  • Set up a new playtest and upload your build
  • Enter the email addresses of the players you want to invite
  • Watch your players’ recordings online

Our clients have used Bring your own Players for many test setups:

Testing with Veteran players

Invite highly-engaged players from your community to give feedback on new content or new games

Company-internal feedback

Get feedback from stakeholders in your company. PlaytestCloud makes installation & recording a breeze. No additional software is required.

On-site playtesting

Use PlaytestCloud to easily install builds on multiple devices in your own lab, and analyze player recordings with our professional video analysis tools.

Use the PlaytestCloud infrastructure

Use the PlaytestCloud infrastructure

  • Recording
    PlaytestCloud seamlessly adds screen & microphone recording to your game. You don’t need to install any additional software.

  • Security
    Your game builds will be disabled through PlaytestCloud’s security setup so you don’t need to worry about leaks.

  • Video analysis toolkit
    Analyze the recordings in PlaytestCloud’s professional video player, or export them for your archive.

Extremely versatile

Extremely versatile

It’s easy to integrate PlaytestCloud into your existing user research process. If you have special research objectives, you can configure Bring Your Own Players playtests in various ways to make sure you get the most out of them:

  • Set up playtests exactly how you want
    You can let players freely play your game. If you want to give more guidance, you can set up tasks, a fixed session structure and written surveys.

  • Support for iOS, Android and Browser
    Bring your own Players works on all supported PlaytestCloud platforms - iOS, Android, and Mobile Browser games

Subscription options

Bring Your Own Players is sold as a monthly subscription service which makes your spending predictable. There are three subscription tiers:

Plus ($299/month)

150 recordings/month
Single-session playtests, concept tests, free-form tests and surveys included

Pro ($599/month)

500 recordings/month
All playtesting types included
Multiplayer playtesting

Studio (Contact Us)

Unlimited recordings
White labeling
Agency support
PlaytestCloud handles player incentives
PlaytestCloud reviews your videos for quality

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