Longitudinal Studies
Improve long-term fun and engagement

Reduce churn and improve the player experience of your first 3-10 days of gameplay

Longitudinal Studies


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Optimize your game‘s engagement over the long run

PlaytestCloud's longitudinal studies are playtests that run for multiple days, simulating the experience new players have after downloading your game from the App Store or Google Play Store. Our setups are flexible, affordable, and can accommodate any game and test structure.

Set up longitudinal studies specific for your use-case

Tailor-made for your game

Pick how often and how long players should play, and when should fill out surveys.

Get deep insights into your player experience with longitudinal studies

Capture everything

From screen recording, to players thinking out loud, to daily surveys - we capture the entire longitudinal player experience for you.

Use our online form or talk to us directly to start longitudinal studies

Self-service or guided

Configure your studies directly on our website, or let us walk you through the process.

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  • Set up your study online or together with us
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Find out why players churn

Pinpoint where and why players churn

Better understand long-term play

Understand long-term play and motivation

Observe players during later sessions

Watch how players tackle later-game content


Watch the journey

Follow your players‘ journey from the first-time player experience to day 7 and beyond.

  • Lots of game play
    You can have players play for many hours, experiencing lots of later-game content.
  • Measure fun and enjoyment
    Watch players‘ daily progress and track key metrics like fun and understanding with our daily surveys.
  • Test the difficulty
    Test whether your players‘ understanding of the game mechanics grows as fast as your difficulty curve.

Bringing light to your metrics

Longitudinal studies help you understand root causes for unexpected metrics in soft-launch or production. We can design studies that explain your players‘ behavior.

  • Low day 7 retention?
    We can design a study to find out why people churn, and how you can keep them excited for longer.
  • Levels too difficult?
    We help you find out why some levels are too hard. Often this is caused by players not understanding core game mechanics.
  • Engagement woes?
    We help you find out why players don‘t interact with features as much as you expected.

Videos, surveys, and reports

We make it easy to analyze even long playthroughs by providing you with detailed recordings and documents.

  • Screen, touch and audio recording
    We record the players‘ screen contents, including all touches and their spoken thoughts.
  • Surveys
    Get structured feedback through surveys. Read each individual player‘s answers and download Excel reports.
  • Reports
    We provide automated PDF summaries, as well as custom tailored expert reports for your study.

Your game, your test setup

Each study is individual, and our longitudinal setups are built with that in mind: Choose from our study templates, or let us set up a custom test for you.

  • Session structure
    From multiple daily sessions to natural, self-guided play, we can support nearly any test structure.
  • Surveys when you want them
    Set up different surveys for each day, short surveys after each session or even no surveys at all.
  • Managed by us
    We make sure players stay on track for a speedy turnaround of your study. No worrying about reminders or supporting testers throughout the study — that‘s our job.

Fast setup and turnaround

The ideal delivery date? Yesterday. Our longitudinal studies are well structured and we'll turn them around swiftly.

  • Quick setup
    We can kick off a custom longitudinal study in less than 24h. Our template setups can be ordered 24/7 via our website.
  • Daily updates
    Save time and analyze your study day-by-day, even while it's still running. You can check the intermediate results at any time.
  • Quick turnaround
    5-day studies are finished after at most 7 days, 7-day studies after 10 days.

Need an expert?

We work with well-known games user researchers to help you design and analyze your longitudinal studies in an optimal way. Expert services for longitudinal studies start at $2500.

Test with real players

We have the players

All of our testers are gamers. Pick the kind of players you want and we will show you how they play your game.

  • Every type of gamer, from casual to hardcore
  • Target by games, genres, and demographics
  • Players play at home on their own devices
  • Players are from the US, UK, and Canada
Give your developers a break: PlaytestCloud doesn't require any changes to your game

No coding required

You can upload any game for iOS or Android. Our technology makes sure that players can play the game.

  • No SDK
    We automatically add video recording capabilities to your game build. It works with all game engines. Learn more.
  • Upload any build
    We take care of distribution. You don’t need to enter UDID codes or buy an Apple Enterprise certificate.
  • Built-in security
    We remotely disable game builds after a playtest is complete. Learn more.
Watch and listen to people playing your games

Get all the details

Players play your game at home on their own devices. PlayestCloud will capture their whole gameplay experience.

  • Understand your players
    We record the players’ screen, their touches and what they have to say at all times.
  • Game-optimized technology
    Our video recording technology is optimized for games and has minimal performance impact.
  • Think-aloud protocol
    Understand what your testers are thinking by listening to what they say.

Professional video analysis tools

The PlaytestCloud video player is 100% built for analyzing gameplay videos. It helps you analyze recordings efficiently and share insights with your team.

Scan playtest videos quickly

Video scanning

Fast-forward through the gameplay recording video and quickly get an overview

Export your playtest results

Data Export

Export your video & analysis as MP4, CSV or Excel

Share playtest results with your whole team


Share & discuss videos with your team.

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