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King of Thieves

by ZeptoLab

Playtest your game or prototype

Our playtests let you see and hear how players interact with your game or prototype as they experience it for the first time. Use playtests to improve your first session and make decisions based on actual player behavior to build the game your players will love.

Playtest for 15 minutes or longer

Pick a minimum play time

Players can play as long as they want. We guarantee 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minute minimum gameplay time.

Overnight delivery for playtests

Overnight delivery

90% of our playtests finish within 12-16 hours. We guarantee delivery within 48 hours.

Full money back and satisfaction guarantee for playtests

Quality guarantee

We review all videos for technical issues and offer a 100% money back guarantee.
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Playtest to optimize your tutorial

Test & optimize your tutorial

Reduce player churn and drop-out

Find out why players drop out during their first session

Test prototypes and mood boards

Test prototypes & mood boards

One of our biggest challenges was how innovative our core mechanic was. The videos we got back from PlaytestCloud helped us identify which direction to move in and what users were excited by.

Kyle Smith, CEO, Treasure Hunt
Kyle Smith, CEO, Treasure Hunt
Give your game the best first-time user experience

Optimize your first-time player experience

Make sure your players understand and enjoy your game by testing the first gameplay session.

  • Tutorial testing
    Find out if players understand how to play your game or if they need more guidance.
  • Core game mechanics
    Optimize your core game loop and mechanics to make sure they're fun and engaging.
  • Right target audience
    Find and compare different target audiences to find the one that enjoys your game the most.
Start playtesting as early as possible

From idea to production

Test anything from early mock-ups and prototypes to the polished production version.

  • Test concepts, mock-ups and prototypes
    Test PowerPoint mockups, Invision, or Marvel prototypes.
  • Natural, unguided play
    Watch how people play without any instructions — like they just downloaded your game from the App Store.
  • Step-by-step testing
    You can also specify step-by-step instructions for players to guide them through unfinished products.
Watch and listen to people playing your games

Get all the details

Players play your game at home on their own devices. PlayestCloud will capture their whole gameplay experience.

  • Understand your players
    We record the players’ screen, their touches and what they have to say at all times.
  • Game-optimized technology
    Our video recording technology is optimized for games and has minimal performance impact.
  • Think-aloud protocol
    Understand what your testers are thinking by listening to what they say.
Test with real players

We have the players

All of our testers are gamers. Pick the kind of players you want and we will show you how they play your game.

  • Every type of gamer, from casual to hardcore
  • Target by games, genres, and demographics
  • Players play at home on their own devices
  • Players are from the US, UK, and Canada
Give your developers a break: PlaytestCloud doesn't require any changes to your game

No coding required

You can upload any game for iOS, Android, in the browser or on Facebook. Our technology makes sure that players can play the game.

  • No SDK
    We automatically add video recording capabilities to your game build. It works with all game engines. Learn more.
  • Upload any build
    We take care of distribution. You don’t need to enter UDID codes or buy an Apple Enterprise certificate.
  • Built-in security
    We remotely disable game builds after a playtest is complete. Learn more.

Professional video analysis tools

The PlaytestCloud video player is 100% built for analyzing gameplay videos. It helps you analyze recordings efficiently and share insights with your team.

Scan playtest videos quickly

Video scanning

Fast-forward through the gameplay recording video and quickly get an overview

Export your playtest results

Data Export

Export your video & analysis as MP4, CSV or Excel

Share playtest results with your whole team


Share & discuss videos with your team.

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