Introducing the PlaytestCloud Help Center

21 Mar 2017 — by Dillon Cleaver

We have always taken customer feedback seriously at PlaytestCloud. One of the most requested items recently has been for a centralized knowledge base, a place where anyone can go to access information about how to use PlaytestCloud. We heard you loud and clear. Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of PlaytestCloud Help Center.

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Meet PlaytestCloud in San Francisco: GDC 2017 + #gamesUR Summit

22 Feb 2017 — by Christian Ress

Just a quick update: We'll be at GDC 2017 and the Games User Research Summit in San Francisco from Monday, February 27th to Thursday, March 2nd and would love to meet you and talk playtesting! So if you're attending already, or happen to work in town – book a meeting with us. We're looking forward to meeting you!

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It‘s All About Timing: Learning when to start Playtesting

01 Sep 2016 — by Christian Ress

Playtesting is one of the best ways for game studios to get actionable feedback on their game, ultimately leading to a successful launch. For example, playtesting can help game studios identify key game mechanics that help maintain high retention levels, or discover what changes need to be added to the tutorial level to ensure the players know how to play.

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Longitudinal Studies on PlaytestCloud: Learn how to keep your players coming back

10 May 2016 — by Christian Ress

Longitudinal studies are a great way for your game studio to get the most out of your playtesting phase. Yet, what is it? Simply put, longitudinal studies, or long-term studies/diary studies as they are sometimes called, are playtests that occur over an extended period of time.

Conducting longitudinal studies for mobile games is no easy task, and might intimidate many game studios from implementing such a great tool. Thankfully, PlaytestCloud takes all the stress out of it with our intuitive and automated approach.

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Boomie Blast released by TreasureHunt after extensive playtesting with PlaytestCloud

02 May 2016 — by Christian Ress

On April 25th, 2016 TreasureHunt released their first ever mobile game, Boomie Blast. Over a year’s worth of effort went into creating this game and we’re proud to tell you that PlaytestCloud was with them every step of the way! Read on to see what Kyle Smith, CEO of TreasureHunt had to say about testing with PlaytestCloud.

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Top Games User Research Consultants for Mobile Games

26 Apr 2016 — by Christian Ress

Two challenges all game studios face are: 1) finding out what keeps players coming back, and 2) how to make a great and successful game.

Thankfully, games user research consultants can help your game studio accomplish both challenges. We have categorized a list of excellent consultants to help you pick the one best suited for your game.

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PlaytestCloud's Guide to Multiplayer Playtesting

12 Apr 2016 — by Christian Ress

Out of the thousands and thousands of games released for mobile, multiplayer games dominate the top of the charts. A great example of this is Supercell’s newest game Clash Royale; released only a few months ago, it immediately became one of the most downloaded and highest-grossing apps on the U.S. iOS App Store.

Playtesting your game as early as possible can help ensure your game has a great launch like Clash Royale. Many game studios working on a multiplayer game, however, put off playtesting because they think it’s expensive and difficult. PlaytestCloud’s multiplayer playtesting mode fixes that!

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How Hollywood Tests for Success

31 Mar 2016 — by Christian Ress

Like the rest of the world, you have probably found yourself binge-watching an entire season (or three) of your favorite TV show, instead of doing that one thing you really needed to get done. With streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and CrunchyRoll adding content at an incredible rate, you might just never get that chore done. But have you ever wondered how TV networks and streaming services choose what show to air?

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3 Steps Every Game Studio Should Know Before Launching

21 Mar 2016 — by Christian Ress

Now that your team has decided to develop a brand new game, the real work begins! But don’t worry, there are three stages of the development process that will help ensure a great launch.

In the following, we will explain the specifics of playtesting, private beta-testing, soft launch, when to employ these techniques, and what the objectives of each technique are. By the end, your team will be one step closer to having a great game with a successful release.

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Introducing a new video player, in-depth reports & better targeting

10 Sep 2015 — by Christian Ress

Here's what happened in August at PlaytestCloud, your playtesting service for mobile and browser games. This time we present you new features which will help you analyze your playtests faster and allow you to reach new target audience groups. Read about our new video player, expert playability reports and new targeting options in the article.

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Crazy Kings: Long-term testing with PlaytestCloud

29 May 2015 — by Christian Ress

Berlin based game studio Wooga, best known for their titles Jelly Splash and Diamond Dash, just launched the tower defense game Crazy Kings. As part of Wooga's support we've conducted tests both of the first-player experience and the first week of gameplay through a 7-day long-term test. Check out what the developers thought about testing with us!

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Meet Frankie and his buddies: Oddwings Escape crosses 1M downloads

27 May 2015 — by Christian Ress

Ever learned how to fly within 5 seconds? That's how long it takes you to learn to fly in Oddwings Escape, the mobile flying adventure by Finnish Small Giant Games. We're proud to be Small Giant's choice for the first-user testing of Oddwings Escape's with multiple rounds of testing of the tutorial, the controls and the general player experience.

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Toby for Apple Watch was tested with PlaytestCloud

11 May 2015

Wooga just released a new version of Toby: The Wonder Dog and we're happy to announce that they chose PlaytestCloud for playtesting during development.

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The Trace by Relentless was tested with PlaytestCloud

30 Mar 2015

Relentless just released the crime mystery game The Trace and we're happy to announce that they chose PlaytestCloud for playtesting during development.

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Tested with PlaytestCloud: Omnidrone's Dwarfs and Dragons

30 Mar 2015

Omnidrone just released their first title Dwarfs and Dragons. We're happy to announce that Omnidrone used PlaytestCloud to make sure their game offers a great user experience and player onboarding.

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Announcing Android Support

13 Mar 2015

You can now playtest Android games on PlaytestCloud.

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Testflight Alternatives: 10 Ways to distribute iOS and Android builds

25 Feb 2015 will shut down tomorrow. Developers who don't want to use Apple's TestFlight are forced to look for other beta distribution platforms. This is a list of the currently available Testflight alternatives.

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Zeptolab's King of Thieves was tested with PlaytestCloud

12 Feb 2015

This week Zeptolab's first midcore game is being launched, and we're happy to announce that Zeptolab chose PlaytestCloud for playtesting it throughout the development. Zeptolab is best known for the Cut the Rope series, and their new game King of Thieves is a fun multiplayer PVP platformer.

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New on PlaytestCloud: Longitudinal studies

06 Feb 2015 — by Marvin Killing

Watch players during the whole first week of their playtime - even before your game is launched. We're proud to announce a new testing mode on PlaytestCloud. With Longitudinal Studies you can watch how your target audience goes through the full first week of gameplay.

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Comparison of Mobile Screen Capturing SDKs

04 Feb 2015 — by Marvin Killing

If you're looking for a way to record what's happening on the screens of your iOS or Android app users: This is a list of currently available screen capturing SDKs.

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Deadlines during the holidays?

19 Dec 2014 — by Christian Ress

We're there for you 365 days a year. While we hope you can enjoy the upcoming holidays and relax with your family and friends, we know that work sometimes has different plans. If you need any player feedback through the holidays, our playtesters are there for you.

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Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff is one of the Best Mobile Games 2014

12 Dec 2014 — by Christian Ress

When our clients' games make it into Facebook's Best Mobile Games 2014 list we celebrate with them: Congratulations to TinyCo for their great game Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff. Read what Matt Fairchild of TinyCo had to say about working with PlaytestCloud.

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Vainglory: Monetizing a skill-based free to play game (Part 3)

04 Dec 2014 — by Christian Ress

Pay-to-win must be the most hated term for core gamers. Nothing is worse than a game where you can buy your way to the top - it kills any competition between players because the game is no longer about skill, but about deep pockets. Vainglory will have to avoid ever going down this alley.

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iOS Game Usability Highlights, November 2014

01 Dec 2014 — by Christian Ress

Last month we started publishing short 2 to 3 minute usability reviews of both new and popular iOS games in which we show usability highlights and usability fails and give tips on improving the games. Watch these videos to learn how to design a great tutorial, see how other games guide players through complex menus and get inspired for your next game.

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Cute-e-Fox: Playtesting a game jam game

26 Nov 2014 — by Christian Ress

I've been at the Berlin Mini Jam last weekend and had a blast making a small game with a fun group of artists, game designers and developers. The Berlin Game Jam is a monthly event in which you're making a game (or really anything, there are no rules) in 8 hours.

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Vainglory: The Community Aspect - Learn, Share and Master (Part 2)

21 Nov 2014 — by Christian Ress

Vainglory is a game with lots of depth - there are many ways to play each hero, countless possibilities for combining and upgrading items, and strategies that have to be mastered before one can raise into the ranks of a top player. We look into how players can learn to get better at the game and what Super Evil Megacorp is doing enable that.

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Vainglory: How the new iOS MOBA turns newcomers into pro-gamers (Part 1)

12 Nov 2014 — by Christian Ress

The highly anticipated MOBA Vainglory by Super Evil Megacorp is just days from its global release. We've had the game for the last few weeks and play(test)ed it a lot. Games with complex mechanics and a deep gameplay are rare on mobile, so they make an intriguing case for examining how they adapt to the conventions and traditional constraints of the iOS platform.

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First look: Playtesting the soft-launched Assassin's Creed: Identity

07 Nov 2014 — by Christian Ress

Freshly arrived in Australia and New Zealand, Assassin's Creed: Identity brings the action-adventure into a pocket-sized format. In this article we take a look at what players and playtesters think about the current state of the game.

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Best Fiends is available now

13 Oct 2014

Best Fiends by Seriously is now available worldwide! If you have played the game as a tester on PlaytestCloud and are curious how the story continues, you can now continue the adventure. We at PlaytestCloud are very happy that Seriously chose us for user testing their game.

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Become a Spymaster: PlayRaven's first game launches

13 Sep 2014

Have you always been intrigued by spys and the mysteries surrounding them? Then this one is for you. Yesterday Helsinki's PlayRaven launched the round-based strategy game Spymaster. In Spymaster you control Allied spys as they gather intelligence on the Axis forces to turn World War 2 around.

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PlaytestCloud Select: Pick players by games they like

20 Aug 2014

Today we're launching PlaytestCloud Select: It allows you to pick your testers based on the games they like to play. Currently, you can select players of Clash of Clans, Call of Duty, Minecraft, Flappy Bird and Candy Crush Saga. We'll add more titles to this list as our tester panel grows.

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Congratulations: Incoming! Goblins Attack TD launches

21 Jul 2014

Today marks the launch of yet another game that was playtested with PlaytestCloud: Incoming! Goblin Attack TD by Hamburg, Germany based games company Xyrality. Our playtesters were filmed playing the game for the first time, helping Xyrality to optimize their onboarding flow for optimal retention ahead of the launch.

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Grand Cru launches Supernauts

30 Jun 2014

Last week, the Helsinki-based studio Grand Cru launched their iPad debut title Supernauts globally. PlaytestCloud has been their playtesting solution for many rounds of playtesting.

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Bubble Witch Saga 2 - Tutorial & Onboarding

24 Jun 2014

We explore how King on-boards players in their new sequel Bubble Witch Saga 2. Watch a guided walk-through of their tutorial and game play in the first couple of levels.

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Common mistakes in mobile game tutorial designs

21 May 2014 — by Marvin Killing

The tutorial is usually the first thing players encounter when launching a mobile game. It's an important mechanism for onboarding new players and explaining the basic game mechanics. It's also extremely hard to design and to make sure it keeps players engaged. There are some classic mistakes we at PlaytestCloud see over and over in the design of mobile game tutorials.

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Where to find good playtesters

17 May 2013 — by Marvin Killing

You want people to playtest your game. But where do you find the right testers? The most obvious choice is to show your game to friends or family members. This is great to get a first impression of how your game resonates with people outside of your development team. Friends and family are ...

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5 Tips for Getting The Most Out Of Playtesting Your Game

03 May 2013 — by Marvin Killing

As a game designer, chances are you're constantly thinking about how you can make sure that your games deliver a great experience to your players. One of the best ways to ensure this is to conduct a playtest: Just let a a group of players play your game and see what they have to say.

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